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If paying in person a paid receipt is given at the time your payment is made. If you pay by mail your receipt is mailed to you after we process your payment. If you pay by phone or online a receipt is mailed to you once we have received and processed your payment from the provider. Usually, this is within 10 days. When paying the last week of December please allow up to 15 days for your paid receipt due to the large amount of mail we have to process. The Missouri Department of Revenue can look up your paid personal property online at any License Bureau in the state of Missouri. A printed paid tax receipt is may not be necessary to get your vehicle license as long as you have paid at least 30 days prior to getting your license.

We now have a website that you can view and print tax information for the last 4 years.

You can search by your Tax ID Number, Parcel Number or Bill Number all of these are located on your bill.  This will show paid and unpaid taxes.  If you do not have your bill you can call us for your Tax ID Number.  If you need to find a parcel number visit our GIS map at and you can search by name.