Can I pay online?

Follow this link to pay online   This link will only show

When is the next tax sale?

Here is some and general information about the Tax Sale process.

How do I get a Merchant License?

(Scroll to bottom of page to print the application)  Every person, corporation, copartnership or association of persons, including motor vehicle dealers as defined in sections 150.010 to 150.015, w

How do I get a paid receipt?

If paying in person a paid receipt is given at the time your payment is made. If you pay by mail your receipt is mailed to you after we process your payment.

Why am I being taxed for a vehicle that I no longer own?

Your tax is based on the vehicles you owned on January 1st of the tax year.

I bought my real estate property mid year, why have I received a bill for the full year?

If you sold your property mid year your taxes should be discussed with the Title Company.

Can I get a list of the properties that will be on the Tax Sale?

The 2021 tax sale list for the August 23th Tax Sale will be available on July 27th.  The list will change as taxes get paid before the sale.

Is there information about the Tax Sale Process?

This is a helpful tool to use provided by the State Tax Commission of Missouri.

Where can I get a water survey?

Water surveys are done by the Health Department - 417-745-2138.

Where can I get my sewer tested?

Sewer testing is done at the Health Department - 417-745-2138.

Where can I get soil tested?

Soil testing is done at the extension office - 417-745-6767.

Are there building codes in Hickory County?

There are no building codes in Hickory County.

How can I pay my personal property tax?

Pay your Real Estate and Personal Tax by our automated phone service.